Laminating Type

Heat Roller + Halogen Lamp Type

Laminating Function

Edge to edge, Dual/single sided lamination

Laminating Speed

8mm/s (for both Dual and single sided lamination)

Laminating Temperature

120°C to 185°C (248°F to 365 °F)

Operating Temperature

0°C to 40°C (0°F to 104°F)

Supported Card Size

CR-80(Default), CR-79, CR-90 and ID-2 (TBD/FactoryOption)

Film Patch Dimensions

Size: 81mm x 51mm (CR-79, CR-80) – Thickness: 1.0 mil

Film Patch Capacity

500 patches/ roll (1.0mil)

L201-D Dimensions

216.5mm(W) x 320mm(L) x 313.5mm(H)
Weight: 9.45kg

Power Supply

AC 110/220v, Single 600W I Duai600W


USB2.0, RS-232

Optional Specifications

Card Stacker: 150cards (0.76mm)

Front Cover Lock (for the protection of film)

Cradle (for connection with PR-C201 retransfer printer)

Security Features

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L201 Laminator .pdf / 980.47 KB
Manuals & Programmer References
Team NiSCA General Terms and Conditions of Sale .pdf / 180.40 KB
L201 Laminator User Manual .pdf / 1.15 MB
Laminator L201S/D User Manual .pdf / 7.63 MB
How to check the firmware version .pdf / 286.35 KB
How to update the firmware .pdf / 173.86 KB
Engineering Change Notice PR-C101 .pdf / 344.42 KB

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