Print Secure, Full-Bleed ID Cards with the PR-C201

PR-C201 Printer

How about a plastic card printer that offers over-the-edge, full-bleed printing and supports contactless, magnetic swipe, and smart card encoding? Our PR-C201 is useful for printing employee badges, photo IDs, and building entry cards – right on site. Get the PR-C201 for at least $1,000 off with a minimum supply purchase. Contact your reseller for more info.

FAQ: What’s in a Cleaning Kit?

To maintain the best print quality, your printer requires routine manual cleaning. Our cleaning kits include a print head cleaning pen for removing contaminants with printer safe cleaning solutions, 5 alcohol swabs, and 5 sticky cleaning cards.

Feature Spotlight

Fast Laminating Performance – The L210 laminator features a quick heating process and fast laminating performance. After initialization, the system is ready within 40 seconds and laminates both sides within 20 seconds.