Kanematsu USA Inc. Announces Ed Cochran as Senior Vice President

Somerset, New Jersey, March 8, 2021 — Kanematsu USA Inc., the U.S. subsidiary of Kanematsu Corporation and part of the Kanematsu Group, is pleased to announce that Ed Cochran has joined the Company as Senior Vice President.

Mr. Cochran will head a new business unit of Kanematsu’s Electronic Devices division that will focus primarily on the identification markets in the Americas. The new business unit will encompass most of Kanematsu’s existing card printer brands, such as Team NiSCA, SwiftColor and Swiftpro, along with numerous other new related products that Kanematsu plans to bring to market in the near future.

“We expect life and business overall to return to more normal conditions in the second half of this year, and we want to be prepared to take advantage of increased demand and more favorable conditions for the introduction of new products” said Sean Nakagawa, general manager of Kanematsu USA’s Somerset, New Jersey office. “With Ed’s 30-plus years of related industry experience, we thought he would be a good fit to help us get where we want to go, and we look forward to having him here in our New Jersey office soon.”

“I am excited to join Kanematsu because I can see they have a business vision related to markets I am passionate about, and Kanematsu has the financial wherewithal and managerial talent to reach their goals through not only organic growth, but also via acquisitions when the right opportunity presents itself,” said Ed Cochran.

After spending over a decade working for Eastman Kodak, with much of that time spent on imaging solutions for documents, identification and security in both domestic and international markets, Ed served in senior sales and marketing roles for related industry software providers like G&A Imaging, Goddard Technology and Imageware Systems.

About three years after Imageware completed its IPO, Ed co-founded Digital Identification Solutions (DISO) in 2004, and the DISO group of companies grew at such a rapid rate that DISO completed its own IPO only two years later in 2006. Ed served as president of the American subsidiary until majority control of the parent company was acquired in 2011 by Matica Systems, now Matica Technologies AG. After the acquisition, Ed served as the general manager of Matica’s operations in the Americas.

About Kanematsu Corporation
Kanematsu Corporation is one of the top international trading firms in the world, with annual sales in excess of $6 billion, and headquartered in Japan. The Kanematsu Group is well-diversified and provides a wide range of product handling and services in business units centered on electronic devices; food; steel, materials, plants, vehicles and aviation.


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