Plastic Card Printers

L201 Laminator

Extend the life of your ID card with lamination protection

Add the L201 laminator feature with dual-sided lamination to the PR-C201 retransfer card printer. The new laminator option will provide an extra layer of protection and security which is an essential security element for government credentialing, state driver’s licensing and for organizations with high security requirements. In addition, this model provides increased durability and prolonged card life by preventing image fading and dye migration that can occur with normal card use. Lamination can be field-installed even after your purchase!

Application Method Compression heated roller
Lamination Area Edge to edge thin film lamination
Patch lamination 3.36 x 1.97 inches (82 x 50 mm)
Ribbon Dimensions Patch width 2.26 inches (60 mm)
250 patches or total of 2.26 inches (60 mm) outside diameter
Card Dimensions CR-80 size
Speed Range 0.08 – 0.71 inches/sec (2 - 18 mm/sec)
Temperature Range 212 – 356° F (100 – 180°C)
Interface Connection Serial RS232C communication to the printer
Casing Metal casing
Hardware Connection Hanging mechanism makes it easy to hang on printer
Unit is mechanically attached to the PR-C201
Power Supply Input range 100 – 240 v/47 – 63Hz
Output 24v, 3.75A
Dimensions 7 x 7 x 14
Weight 16 lbs. 4 oz.
Modular Yes
Dual Sided Lamination Yes

NiSCA L201 Product Brochure