Team NiSCA Asks "What is your print count?"

Print Count Contest Finds Printer Print Counts in the Hundreds of Thousands

Somerset, NJ July 7, 2010 - Team NiSCA, globally known for its reliable plastic card printers, challenged its end customers, resellers and distributors to find the NiSCA printers still in use with the highest print counts.

Clients and partners from around the world submitted print counts for the NiSCA PR5300, PR5310, PR5350 and PR-C101. Print count totals for individual NiSCA plastic card printers numbered in the hundreds of thousands.

One NiSCA PR5350 stood out as the clear winner with 623,192 prints... and is still in operation as of the date of this press release. An employee at the company where the plastic card printer is used commented, "Being able to print over 620,000 badges is just amazing. We depend on our [NiSCA] badge printers to get the job done, and they do it efficiently by providing reliability and productivity."

Here's what other clients told us about their experience with NiSCA plastic card printers:

"We have 3 NiSCA PR5350 printers that we use every day. We contacted several vendors before going with NiSCA. The printer does everything we need, print on both side of cards in black and white or color. We print almost 10,000 cards per month." L.M. (410,827 prints)

"We use this printer over 10 years and it prints and prints and prints... NiSCA printers are very reliable." R.L. (316,458 prints)

NiSCA Plastic Card Printers have the best Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rates in the industry. NiSCA has led the industry with reliable printers that produce exceptional direct to card 24-bit color and 256-grayscale cards. NiSCA's reliability combined with low cost of ownership makes it the number one choice from basic direct to card printing up to printing with inline smart card integration of contact and contactless cards as well as security holography and security inks.

About Team NiSCA
NiSCA has been in the plastic card marketplace since 1994 and delivers reliable solutions to corporations, schools, states and countries. Team NiSCA - the sales, service and marketing arm of NiSCA - is a business unit of KG Digital who is a subsidiary of the Kanematsu Corporation, one of the oldest trading companies in Japan. Founded in 1889, Kanematsu's major business areas include IT related products, electronics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, textiles, specialty steels, grains, foodstuffs and aerospace. Team NiSCA is headquartered in Somerset, NJ USA and its web address is

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