Customer Testimonials

Here is What Clients Are Saying About Their Experience With NiSCA Plastic Card Printers

Besides being a high-tech printer, it has been made strong, easy to use and for heavy duty in large organizations


We use this printer over 10 years and it prints and prints and prints... NiSCA printers are very reliable.


NiSCA printer is user friendly, with best after sale service. NiSCA is very easy to use, smart and low cost printer for plastic cards.


The great thing about the NiSCA printer we have is that not only is it reliable but it is also easy to clean, has easy ribbon replacement, is light and easy to carry, and has good tech support. This is important in an ID Office environment.


The printer has an awesome small foot print that is almost 75% smaller than our original printer. Our NiSCA is also extremely fast. Which is good for an office that prints over 100 cards a day. The NiSCA sits in my office and is one of the quietest.


Words cannot begin to express our fondness for our beloved NiSCA printers. They have been our tireless workhorses, our dogged Clydesdales amongst the show-pony stallions others may rave about.


Nothing compares to our NiSCA printer! It prints like a charm everyday and we couldn't live without it! Thanks NiSCA!


I have not been around this type of printer before, but I cannot believe how much more reliable this printer is in comparison to regular paper printers. With the amount of use this printer gets there is very little maintenance that has to be performed.


We have 3 NiSCA Printers that we use every day. We contacted several vendors before going with NiSCA. The printer does everything we need, print on both side of cards in black and white or color. We print almost 10,000 cards pre month. We have 3 PR5350s.




I have 10 years experience in ID badge printing field. I used different thermal card printing machines Fargo, Evolise, Zebra, Datacard, NiSCA, etc. I found advantages in NiSCA printer that is high print quality & resolution, low maintenance.


For years, we've relied on our NiSCA 5300's to provide 24/7 badging for the Access Office and Security. With any round-the-clock business, reliability at all times isn't an option, it's a minimum standard.


It works like a charm and is plenty fast and reliable.


If my printer were a man, I'd marry him.


I love my NiSCA PR5300 it is the most reliable card printer I have ever used. Never have any problems.


Saves us time and money and how productive it prints our ID cards.


Had it for approx 4 years, with no problems. It makes good high quality cards, much better than the Fargo we had.


Compared to previous printer's these are work horses. Once calibrated, they really do run forever. Not to mention the reduced time in printing (45 seconds compared to 90 seconds).


We have had very little trouble with this printer. It is very easy to change out the ribbons…


It's the best printer I ever use, never have problems, never have errors, only prints and prints.


It prints on 2 sides and does a good job on the type that is printed on the back. This is not offered in other printers that I have found. Our customers need this.


I believe the NiSCA Printer [is] most effective and reliable and NiSCA printer's printing are very sharp.


Easy to maintain, customer support via "chat live" is an incredible asset. To steal a phrase "they keep going and going and going". We have standardized on this printer and currently have 10 in use around the University.


We bought our printer in 1998. It is a NiSCA 5100 model, and it has been printing cards reliably for over 12 years now. The thing is built like a tank. The machine just keeps cranking out the cards.


NiSCA printers have always performed flawlessly for us, at a great price point, for years and years.


This machine has been in continuous use since our library has been remodeled in 2000! In 10 years time, the maintenance involved has been minimal and actual down time even less. If only other machines in our lives performed s o predictably for so many [years].


It just is the best printer. Never jambs, works with Windows 7, and I can get 1000 prints from a black ribbon. It is quick and always works as expected.


Being able to print over 620,000 badges is just amazing. We depend on our [NiSCA] badge printers to get the job done, and they do it efficiently by providing reliability and productivity.