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Out-Of-The-Box ID Card Printing Solution


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NiSCA MAC Driver for PR53xx USB Printers
Marketing Graphics
5350 with Dual Laminators
Image Cleaning kit
Image Logo
Image PR-C101
Image PR5350
Image SECUREID patch
Image YMCKO Ribbon
Image YMCKOK Ribbon
NiSCA Card Samples
NiSCA Corporate Card Sample
NiSCA Education Card Sample
NiSCA Government Card Sample
NiSCA Transit Card Sample
NiSCA Drivers
NiSCA PR-C151 Windows Driver v1.01 Build 125
NiSCA PR-C201 Windows Driver v1.01 Build 125
NiSCA PR53xx USB Driver - Win2000 to Vista 32bit v4.32
NiSCA PR53XX Windows Driver ver5.20 Build 640
NiSCA PRC101 Windows 32 & 64bit Driver v2.41
NiSCA Firmware & Utilities
Firmware Update Utility - USB & SCSI (not for PR5200)
Firmware Update Utility- Parallel Win 98/ME
Firmware Update Utility- Parallel Win NT/2000/XP
Firmware Update Utility- SCSI
PR-C101 Main Firmware v3.4
PR-C101 Smart Card Positioning Firmware
PR-C201 Firmware v4.6
PR5300 & PR5310 Main Firmware - Ver 5.4
PR5300 UV Firmware - YMCFK
PR5350 Main Firmware Ver - 3.7
PR5350 Smart Card Positioning Firmware
PR5350 UV Firmware - YMCFK
PR5360LE Main Firmware Ver 3.7
PR5360LE UV Firmware - YMCFK
PR53LE Main Firmware Ver - 2.0
NiSCA Manuals & Programmer References
L201 Laminator User Manual
PR-C101 Mifare Encoder Installation
PR-C101 Operation Manual
PR-C101 Set Up Guide
PR-C201 Easy Setup Guide
PR-C201 Magnetic Encoder Installation Manual
PR-C201 Operation Manual
PR5012 Magenetic Encoder Trobleshooting
PR5300 Clutch Installation
PR5300 Quick Installation Guide
PR5302 Dual Lamination Installation
PR5302 Hardcoat to Softcoat/Softcoat to Hardcoat Conversion
PR5302 Heat Roller 100v to 200v Conversion Procedure
PR5302 Laminator Operation Manual
PR5302 Laminator QuickSpecs
PR5302 Lamp Replacement
PR5302 Main Board Replacement
PR5302 Quick Installation Guide
PR5302 Ribbon Sensor Adjustment
PR5302 Ribbon Sensor Replacement
PR5310 Serial Contactless Smart Encoder Installation
PR5350 Parts List & Diagrams
PR5360LE Operation Manual
PR5361 Mag Encoder Installation
PR53LE Operation Manual
PR53XX Card Thickness Adjustment
PR53XX Cleaning Guide
PR53xx Driver Installation Guide
PR53XX Firmware Download Utility Manual
PR53xx Magstripe Installation
PR53xx Operation Manual (PR5300, PR5310, PR5350, PR53LE)
PR53XX Print Head Replacement
PR53XX Ribbon Installation Manual
PR53XX Serial Contactless Smart Encoder Installation
PR53XX USB Contactless Smart Encoder Installation
PR53xx USB IC Contact/Contactless Encoder Installation
Preventative Maintenance Service Schedule
Programmers Reference Guide
NiSCA Movies
PR-C101 Installation Movie (12MB)
PR53xx Installation Movie (12MB)
PR53XX Printer Series Basic Maintenance Video
Sales Literature
L201 Laminator
NiSCA Brochure

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